The Chronicles of the Spirit War

Game Notes 10/4

Terrorism wins

Summary of what Happened

Maltator, Kain, and Rhodes go talk to the Lore Master about what to do about Red Lotus

  • Lore Master, Ramazil, says he will set Rhodes up with the Red Lotus if he does something to stop the Werecat genocide
  • the PCs come up with a plan to destroy all the shipping in the harbor under the flag of Val Alron
  • Maltator will go to the Bartlet guy and to talk to sense into him and tell him that war with Val Alorn is here

Tabby goes to talk to Kitsume in the Werecat camps outside of town and tell Kitsume of the coming attack

  • Kitsume is saddened by this, but not surprised as Bartlet has made his opinions on Werecats clear for a while
  • Kitsume asks that Tabby do something to try to help the werecats, but says that killing Bartlet will only strengthen his cause

Tabby goes to Bartlet’s manor and sneaks in just before Maltator arrives

  • Tabby sneaks into Bartlet’s room and starts a fight with him. She backs him into the closet, rips his chest, and spits blood into the wound, causing him to begin turning into a werecat.
  • The whole manor hears the sounds of his pain in transformation
  • Helga, Bartlet’s trusted bear woman servant is the first to arrive to the scene, with Maltator close behind
  • Helga sees Tabby stealing Bartlet’s jewels and tries to leap on Tabby but misses thanks to Maltator’s help
  • Tabby leaps out the window to safety and Matator leaps after but is followed by Helga
  • Maltator tries to out run Helga but is caught and pinned to the ground just as Eric’s PC runs by being chased by a large group of angry people. Eric’s PC leaps over Helga and leaves Maltator to the crowd and Helga

Things that need to be resolved

  • What happens to Maltator
  • What do Kain and Rhodes to cover up their attacking the fleet



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