Short Version

  • Nomadic people
  • Roughly 25,000 to 30,000, but no one has ever counted
  • Came about 500 years ago in Humans settlements
  • Humans transform into a Were-Cat
  • No one knows how they came about
  • Now known that Humans can turn into Were-Cats blood transfusion
  • Humans think Were-Cats are a plague on them and magic
  • Humans forced the Were-Cats out into the tundra
  • Were-Cats have had little experience with Land or Sea Elves
  • Were-Cats are void of all Magic and Spirits

Game Rules

Cost 2 refresh and a aspect that reflects their outsider nature to be a Were-Cat.
Were-Cats gain:

  • Claws: Weapons 1
  • Cat Like Reflexes: +2 to Notice Rolls made for Initiative and +1 Athletics to Dodge Rolls
  • Cat Eyes: Can see in the dark, but not total darkness

These rules are subject to change once we actually start playing.

Long Version



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