Short Version:

  • Humans are the newest race
  • Number between 150,000 to 200,000
  • Can be marked by any of the Spirits at birth to use Magic
  • Live mainly in the northern region of the continent
  • Do not trust the Sea Elves, they think of them as mysterious
  • Co-exist with the Land Elves, but prefer to be separate
  • Hate the Were-Cats and think of them like a plague

In Game Rules:

No Special Rules.

Long Version:

Humans are the newest race to enter the world and rose to their current power with the help of the Pixies. Humans, unlike the other races, can be marked by one of the Spirits at birth. This marking is taken as a “blessing” from that particular Spirit and the Human will be able to use the Magic of that Spirit freely.

Human relations with the other Races of the world have been calm for the majority of their existence. Only the Pixies have gone out of their way to help Humans. It was the Pixies that aided the Humans in building their first city in the north, away from the Land Elves of the south.

The Humans and Elves have been able to coexist together with little conflict, though Humans have little trust for the Sea Elves. Sailors tell stories of the mysterious and wicked Sea Elves that they encounter in the water. In particular, stories of beautiful women calling men overboard are quite common. When a sailor encounters anything strange while at sea, Sea Elves are usually blamed.

The Were-Cats have become the largest issue for Humans in the past 250 years. No one knows where or how Were-Cats came into being, but it was the Humans that were the first to encounter them. Soon after first contact it was found that Were-Cats could turn transform Humans into other Were-Cats by drinking the blood of a Were-Cat. This lead to Humans fearing Were-Cats and thinking of them like a “plague” or “disease.” Most of the Were-Cats were forced out of all the major cities and forced to live as nomads in the tundra.


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