Kain Thenbrin

A smuggler from Emlein.


Kain was brought up by his trade-funded family in the city of Emlein. In in early teens his father, Bijorn, was forced into the Third Chereck War where he was killed several years later in the Siege of Oarine. This led Kain to immediately hate the Sendarian Empire and it’s citizens.

As soon as Kain was old enough he joined the Emlein Shipman Guild to fight against the Sendarians in the war. Unfortunately, a week into his training the war between the Val Alorn Tribes and the Sendarian Empire ended in an uneasy armistice. Instead of being placed upon a military vessel Kain was sent aboard a smuggler’s ship. Over the next several years Kain was taught the art of trade and swordsmanship by the smuggler captain, Zen Kalmin. Eventually Kain grew to be such a good smuggler that he gained control of his own ship; a small vessel called the White Serpent.

Two years after acquiring his ship, Kain was returning with his crew from a raid to Sendaria when they were caught in a violent squall. When the storm cleared, two unmarked ships had appeared near the White Serpent. Kain, believing that the ships were Sendarian, ordered the attack. The White Serpent had weathered the storm much better than the other two ships and was able to quickly sink the other ships.

Unbeknownst to Kain, the sunken ships were a part of the Val Alorn Shipman Guild. They had been on an assignment from Moric Songrad, the the Guildmaster, to bring his brother and nephews back from Seline with a large cargo of smuggled weapons and armor. After learning of the death of his family, Songrad sent men and ships to kill Kain and to destroy the White Serpent.

Kain Thenbrin

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